South Hill Photography | Guide to image Downloads and Royalty-free options

May 5, 2014

Dear South Hill Photography and Clients,

Here are the details regarding your special images and download details (self-print). 

All images available from website can be downloaded for commercial or personal use with a choice of Licenses.

Choosing the appropriate license for your download image can sometimes be a little confusing and so I have added this guide to give some explanation as to what is involved.

Licensing your image is very straight forward but first we are often asked why do we need a license?  When we purchase anything we are always entering into some sort of contract with the Owner. Both the Buyer and Owner are entitled to certain rights and it offers protection and peace of mind.  Many of us are familiar with the licenses associated with music downloads which allow certain usage rights, for example, you may be limited to burning three copies of an album to CD.

Licensing an image follows similar path in that we are offer certain usage rights when purchasing the image. We are offering the right to use an image in a certain way.

We have a simplified process to make downloading your custom images as easy as possible.  When you find an image you would like to download follow these steps:

  1.  Select "Add to Cart" then click on "Download". 
  2. You'll be presented with a wide range of purchase and download options which offer a choice of image size in most cases.

In addition, you are able to select the License options as well as an unlimited online use, printed use, or royalty-free option.  See the attached details with an explanation of the available options.

  1. “Edit Image” and add any additional instructions.  (Feel free to email me if you need something special or a specific size.)
  2. Select “Checkout Now”
  3. The files will be ready for download depending on necessary adjustments or specific requests.

In all cases it is important to review the license text to ensure that your intended use does not fall outside the usage rights offered by the license but if there are questions please ask.