Wow, WOW, wow. It is great for us to be part of such a dedicated team and "Family". Our hometown TURKEY SHOWDOWN sure looked like a huge success from my tired eyes! Everyone from skater to parents and all the support to make it happen was incredible. It seemed that everywhere I turned there was some type of AWESOMENESS in BLUE! I have a much greater respect for the "Floor cleaner team" for sure now. If you ever see them pushing a broom give them a HAND literally. HaHa! A huge thumbs up to the behind the scenes people that helped move the heavy stuff and spend countless hours doing all the necessary tasks. You guys and gals and all the Tiffany's staff ROCK! It was really motivating for the younger kiddies to see where dreams can take them. The role models (parents, senior skaters, and coaches) make huge impacts and getting encouragement from you parents, senior team skaters and guidance from our FABULOUS coaches is very important. We are truly appreciative and I only hope you know how BIG you are to the little ones. Well let us move on to the photos! I hope that everyone finds a bit of enjoyment from them. If you have questions then ask me. These are loaded as 900 pixels and taken with a different lens this week. You will be able to download them with the link but if you need larger please ask.

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